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Congratulations to our New BubbaNBooBoo Brand Reps 2016!

Written By: Syl Published In: ROOT Created Date: 2016-02-10

BubbaNBooBoo Milestone, we are excited to annouce our Brand Reps for 2016!

We are super excited to announce our New BubbaNBooBoo Brand Reps for the season!

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Zylee - Lifeofzyzy

Shaqeela and Shifa - Norazul_adams

Ophelia – Bean.and.miles

I am super excited to be able to create something special for these girls.

Thank you so much for all the entrants and a big thank you to our panel of judges, @theretromumma and @houseofharvs, I am so thankful to have both of you wonderful, creative amazing ladies to help me with this decision. If you are not already following these ladies on their blogging journey add them they are Amazing! Xx Syl


House of Harvs

The Retro Mumma