About Us


Being a mother with two beautiful kids, how can you not be inspired to dress them in beautiful clothing. BubbaNBooboo’s inspiration is my two beautiful children who we’ve nicked named Bubba, our beautiful little girly girl and our little cheeky monkey our Mr BooBoo.


Being a stay at home mum, after leaving a very fast paced fashion career I was always constantly looking for clothes that has the uniqueness and quirkiness in the designs, which I could not find here locally in Australia.


I decided to combine my love of vintage fabrics, fashion and my kids to create BubbaNBooBoo. My main inspirations for my designs come from the old fashion movies of the 60′s and 70′s.


As my loving husband can tell you I can’t resist whe n movies like Gidget, Grease, Tammy and The Doctor and a good old Elvis movie is on TV.


I love the idea of kids being kids and enjoying what they wear. I decided to search for beautiful vintage  fabrics and making them into pieces that were unique, innovative and has a modern take.


So please browse and I hope you find a beautiful BubbaNBooBoo piece here to compliment your child’s wardrobe.


Xxx Syl, Gabe, Bubba & BooBoo